Architecture + Construction  Services

In Yucatan Paradise we decided that combining  Architectural Design and Construction would provide enormous benefits. Clients who hire us for this coordinated package of services enjoy the convenience of having one point of contact throughout the life of their projects — from the first consultation, through schematic design, detailed drawings, estimating, permitting and construction. By being a single source for design and construction, we can guide our clients through the entire process in the most seamless manner possible.

The combined architecture and construction contract allows for the architectural design and the construction of a project to be seamlessly integrated. Here are the benefits our experience has realized.

The process flows smoothly when one entity is responsible for managing the entire project.

The architect and contractor are on the same team (the A/C team), thus reducing or eliminating possible miscommunications that can occur between the design professional and the contractor.

During the design phase, the architects can freely discuss construction details with the lead carpenter.

The need for costly change orders is greatly reduced or eliminated

The project budget is agreed upon by all involved early in the process so that nobody gets in “too deep” without knowing the cost implications.

The project schedule can be determined early in the process with a start date and end date agreed by client and A/C team. Time delays are kept to a minimum as all parties involved have an interest in a timely completion.

Overall project costs are reduced since change orders and construction time are kept to a minimum.

Construction  Services Only

Construction services are a critical part of our business and integral to our continued diversity and unique position in the construction industry. Collaboration with other architects has been a consistently rewarding experience for our company. The construction side is structured to run independently.

Architecture Services Only

Our  architects provide services without commitment to construction to enable our clients the utmost flexibility in their planning. From renovations/additions to projects out of state to generating master plans to be built over time, we can provide the design expertise and strategic thinking, to make your plans, thoughts, dreams a reality.

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