***RENT, first and last month, is to be paid upon arrival.  Subsequent months can be paid at: Barloventos Restaurant, Calle 80 #109 x 21 y 23, Progreso***

* Key pickup and drop off procedure will be discussed, as it is dependent on the property owner and your time of arrival & departure.

For arrivals into Mexico after 6pm, we recommend:  Hacienda Inn by the Merida Airport or Comfort Inn Cancun Airport.

*Number of tenants must be disclosed and agreed upon at confirmation of rental.

*Please try to arrange your arrival at the property before 6pm, Monday to Saturday.  *For early morning departures, deposits will be returned the day prior and we will advise re the keys.


* Prior to departing the rental home, please place all dirty linens and towels in the bathroom, for quick pickup and laundering.

>>>Please do not place clean sheets on the bed, as the cleaner will not know if they are clean or dirty.


* Dispose of all perishable fridge items, and set garbage outside the home, so as to deter bugs in the house.  Food items can be donated to the local food bank (Chicxulub Soup Kitchen).

* Present tenants get first option to book for the following season. 


* PLEASE CONTACT US BY EMAIL WITH CONCERNS after arrival.  We do try to check in frequently, but ´no news is good news´ if we don´t hear from you!


*When flying to Mexico, each person is allowed to bring only one laptop into the country.  If you bring an additional one….you must pay taxes on the value and a receipt is required.  Each person is allowed to bring a maximum of the equivalent of $10,000 US dollars without declaring it, otherwise you can declare amounts over that.  Meat, vegetable or fruit products are not allowed, but home baking and packaged goods are fine. Be prepared, to exit the airport can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours , depending on the red/green light process of determining whose luggage is searched.  Don´t worry, it´s pain free, just time consuming!  🙂


**For the immigration form requiring address of destination, you can use:  Barloventos, Calle 80 #109 x 21 y 23, Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico 97320.


 *Train service from/to Cancun airport is scheduled to start January, 2024 and will take approximately 2 hours.

*For car rental from Cancun, Merida or Progreso, we highly recommend emailing: mfwheels_car@hotmail.com They are a local company, are fairly priced and include all taxes, insurances and fees so there are NO surprises upon pickup.


*For airport or bus station pickup or dropoff, email:

yucatancecilia@gmail.com or fernandopuertours@gmail.com

* They can also make a stop with you to pickup some basic essentials at a store if you pre-arrange.


Many visitors feel the need to request ´´bug free and clean´´ accommodations. Rest assured we would never rent anything less than what we would live in ourselves. Cleanliness standards can vary by owner and finding the odd bug is to be expected when vacationing in a tropical destination .

* Properties  are NOT available for the months of July/August, unless specified with a ´YR´ for year round.   Most are summer vacation homes for Mexican locals who do not use them in the winter.

* Long term rentals are 3 months+.  Terms of one or two high season months often cannot be reserved until Nov/Dec. Properties can be rented for less than a month, however, the full month will be charged as the home requires full pre-maintenance, cleaning and preparation.

*Casa Mayamar, Kinila & Cheen Ha can be rented by the week in off-season.

*Rental dates are NOT restricted by days of the week or exact dates.  A 2 or 3 day range either way can be negotiated if dates are flight dependent.