When I started to seriously think about moving to Merida, I spent hours searching the internet for any information I could find.  I read forums, Wikipedia, blogs, online news magazines, real estate sites and just about anything that popped up on my Google search that day.

Even though I’m a Realtor, I soon realized that buying a home in Mexico is quite unlike how it’s done ‘back home’.  Now that I’m here in Merida helping buyers search for a property, I am amazed at how few people have done their due diligence.  As knowledgeable as your real estate agent might be, you have a responsibility for find out as much as you possibly can on your own.  It will make it easier to ask intelligent questions.

Unfortunately, the internet is filled with outdated information and conflicting answers to questions posed on forums.  You’ll hear negative comments out this builder and that property manager. You’ll find that businesses have moved or closed all together.  You’ll be completely overwhelmed by the requirements needed to move Fido from Michigan to Merida.

I’m sure you’ve already searched countless real estate sites and wondered why you see the same houses on several sites.  That’s simply because here in Yucatan there is no multiple listing service.  Several real estate companies offer the same properties for sale.  Remember, a realtor can show you any property for sale and even those not listed.

And here is something to think about.  When looking for a home, it’s best to work with only one agent and there are several reasons why.  We don’t get paid unless with sell a home.  Think of it as a relationship. If you’re with someone who is not completely faithful…it’s not going to work.  When you work with one agent, over time, they quickly learn what your wants and needs are … and sometimes more importantly… what you don’t want.  You have to feel as if your best interests and needs are met.  Commitment can be a beautiful thing.  However, if you are working with an agent and it’s obviously not a good match for you, you owe it to yourself to move on to someone else.  This is a home you’re buying…not a car.

Next week, I’ll try to cover what’s involved when you buy that old, faded colonial in Centro that you’ve decided to restore to it’s former glory.


Don’t get discouraged.  There are answers to be found.  Just ask us.


Melissa Adler