Merida Yucatan Real Estate: Yucatan one of the most beautiful and peaceful city to live, not to mention the ecological and tourist paradise that is living in Yucatan, our state is rich in many diverse flora and fauna of the region, deer very characteristic of Yucatan, beaches, birds, pink flamingo and their natural habitat in the mangroves give only one aspect of life coveted by many tourists in the world.

Yucatan maintains the conditions and unique to live permanently in our country features much our climate favors the cultivation of local fruits such as habanero chili, sweet orange and very typical and traditional meals like roasted suckling pig, and panuchos salbutes and the immense variety of dishes worthy of Yucatan, which end up not writing.

The economy of the State of Yucatan is a landmark in the region, industry demand for housing has grown in recent years, tourists from all over the world have decided to spend their old age in our beautiful beaches and ports, selling Yucatan real estate has grown and increased demand due to the richness of our culture, gourmet food, warmth of our people, recreational spaces and natural attractions that make the Yucatán Real Estate par excellence.

Yucatan Real Estate is an excellent place to live and proof of this is the large number of tourists who have decided to move to our beautiful state, Canadians, Americans, Europeans who have come to take shelter from the low temperatures in their country and have come to enjoy our warm beaches as well as our delicious food and hospitality of our people.

Undoubtedly selling houses on the beach has played an important role since their demand is also increasing, the climatic characteristics of Yucatan Real Estate, make unique sunrises and sunsets on the Yucatan coast. In contrast to the sale of farms with historical and cultural features of the colonial era as well as fine and beautiful houses of the most iconic neighborhoods of central Merida. You can buy a beach house or condo for a time to enjoy with the family of our most popular ports like Telchac, Chicxulub Puerto Progreso, Chuburna, Chelem, San Benito and San Crisanto, surrounded by pristine beaches, beautiful coca and extensive beaches full of unique vegetation of the region.

Buying a house in the center of Merida is also an excellent choice, as there are very colonial neighborhoods with houses restored that still retain their beauty and splendor, you can find real estate for sale or rent in the neighborhood of Santiago, in the center Merida, Santa Lucia and in areas around the Cathedral of Merida, where our cultural traditions breathe every day of the year, full of typical local food, clothes, dances and traditional folklore of the region, all you need to have fun and relax.

Yucatan Real Estate are also sales and rentals of houses in residential and high value areas because of its proximity to the commercial, such as Altabrisa, Grand Place, City Center squares, all you are located in the north of the city of Merida, where you will find homes for sale and rent, residential nations and avant-garde beautiful colonial facades, building land for plantations or just recreational spaces premium that single real estate Yucatan can give you.

Yucatan is also a state of rough land ready to be worked on growing vegetables or simply to make a “Quinta” “Rancho” or build your dream home in the best remote areas of the city for lovers of privacy .

Yucatan Real Estate offers everything you’re looking for, from buying a beach house, a farm, a residence of high value in the north of Merida or Buy colonial houses with high historical content, and Yucatan Real Estate offers us at affordable costs make a heritage that will last a lifetime. Certainly Yucatan Real Estate is an excellent choice to invest your retirement money in a property that your family will appreciate.