* Prices are in US dollars & all present tenants get first option to book for the following season.  PLEASE CONTACT US WITH CONCERNS after arrival.  We do try to check in frequently, but ´no news is good news´ if we don´t hear from you!
* Properties  are NOT available for the months of July/August, unless specified with a ´YR´ for year round.   Most are summer vacation homes for Mexican locals who do not use them in the winter.
* Long term rentals are 3 months+.  Terms of one or two high season months often cannot be reserved until Nov/Dec.
* Properties can be rented for less than a month, however, the full month will be charged as the home requires full pre-maintenance, cleaning and preparation.  *Casa Mayamar & Cheen Ha can be rented by the week in off-season.

*Rental dates are NOT restricted by days of the week or exact dates.  A 2 or 3 day range either way can be negotiated if dates are flight dependent.  Please try to arrange arrival before 8pm.  For early morning departures, deposits will be returned the day prior and we will advise where to leave the keys.


* Basic wifi ( ADEQUATE FOR SKYPE & ONLINE WORK) is included in all properties.  If an upgrade is requested, it is at the cost of the tenant, approximately 500 mxn/mo+.  Network & passwords are on the modem, and if service fails, please try restarting the modem/router first. Cable is not supplied.  Tenants can use their Netflix, Firestick, Roku, or an HDMI cord with their computers.  If there are channels on the tv, please try the ´cambiar idioma´ setting to find English channels if there are any that can be changed from Spanish.
* Electric is NOT included and will be paid by tenant.  As AC tends to DRAMATICALLY increase the cost, please conserve energy where possible to ensure your electric remains as low as possible. Per kwh costs vary depending on location of house, time of year, consumption of previous tenants, size of house and amount of items drawing power.  As an example…a studio apartment can be from 200 to 2,000 pesos per month depending.   All electric owing MUST be paid prior to departure.  PLEASE USE AC sparingly!  What you use can affect the 6 months after you leave by increasing the per KW rate drastically.  All owners will monitor your usage and you may be asked to pay double your electric bill to compensate for excessive AC use.  A great tip is to use the ´dehumidify´setting on the remote, designated by a ´drop´ or ´dry´ symbol.  This works extremely well to cool and uses 1/10th the amount of electricity!

* Please expect occasional brief outages of wifi, electric or water.  This is normal in Mexico. The most consistent services are in Progreso & Chicxulub.  Chelem, Chuburna and Uaymitun can vary greatly. 

* All rentals have screened windows, at least one set of linens for beds, and basic towels.
* Please keep in mind these homes are used by their owners only in the summer and/or for Semana Santa (two weeks during Easter). They often use hammocks to sleep in, and bring most items for the house with them every time. The houses are often left empty for the remainder of the year, unless rented out.  Quality of household items cannot be guaranteed, but will be sufficient.
* The most common bed size is matrimonial (double).  Occasionally there is queen or king size.  As in many foreign countries, bed softness is not always what visitors are accustomed to at home.
* Kitchens have basic cooking pans, dishes, plates, cutlery.  Microwaves & coffee makers are often supplied. Toasters are seen as a draw for ants and are rarely included.  Some houses do not have ovens.  All rentals have at least one tv, size varies.
* There is no standard list of household items supplied, as each owner varies in what they supply.  Tenants often choose to purchase any missing smaller items for the kitchen that makes their stay more comfortable, such as a water jug or a fruit bowl, at a local dollar store, of which there are many.
* Spices, seasonings, condiments, light bulbs, toilet paper, dish soap, cleaning supplies, paper towels, napkins, etc. may be left in the house from previous tenants, but are not supplied.  We recommend you always bring sunscreen and earplugs with you.  
* 5 gallon bottles of water can be arranged to be delivered. Tap water is safe for cleaning and household use, we do not recommend drinking it due to its high salt and mineral content.   WATER DELIVERY, please WHATSAPP or CALL:  Cristal 999-438-6173 or Vital 999-154-7680 (both are Spanish speaking only).


*For airport or bus station pickup, contact:   He can also make a stop with you to pickup some basic essentials at a store if needed.  There is a link to his company on our General tab on this site.  He is available for taxi service also.  

* As in all of Mexico & Central America, with the exception of all inclusive resorts, NO paper or feminine products are to be flushed in toilets. The waste systems are not suitable. Hence, you will always find a garbage can beside toilets. Flushing of paper is only to be done on the rare occasion of dire necessity, as it will clog pipes, and hinder proper drainage underground.  Damage to the piping and/or cement removal to repair, is at the inconvenience and could be the financial responsibility of the tenant.
* Please note in Mexico, toilet seats are seen as unsanitary and you will occasionally find them missing in restaurants and public washrooms. All of our rentals will be supplied with basic seats.

*$500 USD is needed to reserve the property and will be used as the damage deposit.  Occasionally, the balance of the equivalent of one months rent may be required for the deposit, at checkin.  Any fees or charges to send the $500 are the responsibility of the renter.  Deposits are non-refundable 60 days prior.  If a tenant chooses to depart sooner than term agreed to, deposit may be non-refundable.   If owner wishes to terminate agreement early, full deposit less any damages or electric may be refundable depending on circumstances.
* Deposits are to be sent by Western Union or paid by friends or family, on your behalf, if they are travelling to, or live in the area. Once initial deposit is received, notification will be sent to tenant .  Upon arrival, payment of remainder of deposit if applicable, along with first and last month rent is to be paid (in US dollars if possible).  **Etransfer, Paypal or credit card are NOT an option.
* Agreement to rent the property is at the sole discretion of the owner.  Any unpaid electrical charges will be deducted from the damage deposit before returning it to the tenant or can be paid in pesos before departure.

*Owners prefer US dollars for payment.  If tenant needs to use pesos, is used for the daily rate of conversion on the day of payment.  Safe, automated bank machines are abundant and provide pesos only, using out-of-country debit cards.   US money is difficult to get here, Canadian is not used at all.   We recommend you bring US with you for rent, PESOS for drivers, restaurants, etc.   Most businesses and services (including pool care, laundry, gas refills, & house cleaners) accept PESOS only.  Credit cards can ONLY be used in SOME grocery stores & restaurants. Please notify your bank at home of your plans to use cards when travelling.

* Prior to departing the rental home, please place all dirty linens and towels in the bathroom, for quick pickup and laundering. >>>Please do not place clean sheets on the bed, as the cleaner will not know if they are clean or dirty. Dispose of all perishable fridge items, and set garbage outside the home, so as to deter bugs in the house.  Food items can be donated to the local food bank (Chicxulub Soup Kitchen). Key pickup and drop off procedure will be discussed, as it is dependent on the property owner and your time of arrival & departure.  For arrivals into Mexico after 8pm, we recommend:  Hacienda Inn by the Merida Airport or Comfort Inn Cancun Airport.  For early morning departures please arrange for a day prior for deposit refund.  Number of tenants must be disclosed and agreed upon at confirmation of rental.   Pets are not allowed without prior consent.  A pet deposit of $500 may be required.

**HOW TO SEND DEPOSIT:  (With the exception of Mayamar & Cheen Ha, ask for instructions.)

WESTERN UNION in person or online.  You can visit a Western Union Agent location to send money using cash or, in some locations only, a debit card.  You’ll need:
  • Your receiver’s name as it appears on their government-issued ID, EXACT spelling, spaces, etc.
  •   << USE:           Jose Francisco Lara Arjona  

  • Send the equivalent that day of $500 US, which will be converted into pesos by Western Union.  **We can only receive pesos here, but it needs to be the equivalent of $500 US that you send.
  • Your receiver’s exact city, state, country, postal code and type of pickup, no street address is ever required.  >>>USE:  Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico 97320….Cash Pickup NOT ….´NEXT DAY´
  • Your government-issued ID*
  • DO NOT PUT ´FAMSA´as a branch location on your request!  Use ´Progreso, Yucatan´ ONLY, to allow cash pickup at any WU location in Progreso.

* Pool care & chemicals, gardeners and cleaners are the responsibility of the tenants.  A list will be supplied for trusted options.  Pool care is approx. 300 pesos/week, house cleaning from 200 to 300 pesos per visit.  *Please do not pay more, for example construction workers make 200/day and these cleaning staff are being paid extremely well already.  Some property owners have people they require you to hire if you need service.  Services are common practice here and generally are done weekly at a predetermined time that is convenient for the tenant.  Occasionally tenants opt to do their own pool care, house & yard cleaning.   ALL POOLS WILL BE FILLED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL.

  ***RENT is to be paid upon arrival.  Subsequent months can be paid at:

Barloventos Restaurant, Calle 80 #109 x 21 y 23, Progreso.

For gas refills, please message and we will arrange.  Tanks are usually on the roof.  One full tank is supplied, cost of refills are the tenants responsibility.
Garbage pickup is generally a set day, but changes frequently. We recommend asking a neighbor or watch when others put bags out.  Please bag soda cans/soda plastic bottles & beer cans separately from garbage, the collector will recycle them.  There is no recycling of tin cans, milk jugs or glass jars/bottles unless you take them to the Cultural Centre.
* Houses often have cisterns, pumps and tinacos (rooftop water tanks). They should work automatically, and it is common for the tinacos to overflow when filling. Hot water is supplied by a hot water tank, electric with a button nearby to turn on prior to using, or gas outside with a pilot light.
* A lot of houses have hot water in the showers, but NOT in the kitchens.  Sofas are often wicker with cushions, as mold is an issue for cloth or leather furniture.
* There are a few of our homes outside of towns that are not accessed by city water, and rely on water to be trucked in.  These tanks will be filled for your arrival, additional fills are at the expense of the tenant.
* Majority of homes here do not have laundry facilities. Lavanderias are everywhere, and they wash, dry & fold for a very small fee!  PROGRESO:  La Burbuja Lavanderia on calle 50 y 27,  969-935-5435, HOURS M-F 8-1 & 3-5, Sat 8-3 OR Yucalpeten Lavanderia on Calle 31, 122 y 124.  CHICXULUB: Lavanderia Splash on Calle 10 y 27.

**Please lock ALL doors and windows before leaving, when outside in the back or front yards or on the beach.
* Break-ins are exceptionally popular during the tourist season, as they know there are computers, phones and cash to be had. Safes are rarely supplied.  Please note, 911 is available here in Mexico, and you can also search the local FB pages for emergency numbers. We ask that you message us, or call if it is an emergency, with any house maintenance issues or concerns.  We ask that you avoid contacting the owners, as they have hired us to assist you. 

* No pets are allowed to stay on property unless discussed prior to renting, and put on the rental agreement. If damages occur due to a pet, the cost of repair will be deducted from the deposit. Cleaning up after the pet, inside and outside, is the responsibility of the tenant. Most owners will allow pets, but please be aware that there are many street dogs and cats in Mexico, and your pet must be supervised at all times for their safety.  There are local people that do occasional random poisonings of the street animals, so be sure your pet does not eat anything on the streets.  There are organizations here trying very hard to change animal treatment in Mexico. The street animals here in Mexico tug at everyone’s heart, but please do not feed them from the front of your house. They become dependent and will faithfully return looking for food , even long after you’ve gone home. There are considerations to be taken into account before feeding and helping them, please ask others that are familiar with animal care in Mexico.  For the most part you do NOT have to fear street animals.  I always pet them all!  🙂

*Smoking is not permitted in any of the homes.  Outside only, and all butts must be placed in the trash.


*Get your bearings on a map for where you are staying.  (See our General page.)  The ocean is always north from the beach towns, we are located on the south end of the Gulf of Mexico, directly south of New Orleans.  We are approximately 4 hours from the Cancun airport.  We are a 2 hour flight from Mexico City.  Progreso has about 40,000 people, Merida about 1 million.  Be familiar with north and south, and keep your vacation address and an emergency contact number with you at all times!  Make sure someone here has an emergency contact for you, in case of the unforeseen!

* For flight or bus options, recommended drivers for airport pickups or tours, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, hospital, pharmacies, doctors, events, etc., we have listed some or we recommend trying Google, Trip Advisor and/or Facebook Expat pages for this area. You can either fly into Cancun and take ADO bus to Merida (Altabrisa station) for about $40 US, or fly directly into Merida.   Francisco, Cecilia and I do have extensive knowledge of the area, and are happy to help!  🙂

*Pedestrians DO NOT have the right of way on the streets.  Please look BOTH directions before crossing and ALWAYS assume the cars will NOT stop.  Drivers DO NOT stop at stop signs unless there is traffic.  Street & house addresses at the beach can be a challenge, often owners do not know the actual address, only the directions to get to them.

*Progreso, Chicxulub Puerto, Chelem, Chuburna, San Benito, Telchac Puerto & San Crisanto all differ in amenities, transportation choices, wifi options  & other things to be taken into consideration.  Please be sure you are precise about what you want and advise us, so we can help you make the right choice to enjoy your stay.

*When flying to Mexico, each person is allowed to bring only one laptop into the country.  If you bring an additional one….you must pay taxes on the value and a receipt is required.  Each person is allowed to bring a maximum of $10,000 US dollars without declaring it, otherwise you can declare amounts over that.  Meat, vegetable or fruit products are not allowed, but home baking and packaged goods are fine.  Be prepared to exit the airport within 15 minutes, or it could take 2 hours, depending on the red/green light process of determining whose luggage is searched.  Don´t worry, it´s pain free, just time consuming!  🙂

**For the immigration form requiring address of destination, please use:  Barloventos, Calle 80 #109 x 21 y 23, Progreso, Yucatán, Mexico 97320.  

PLEASE RE-READ ALL OF THE ABOVE VARIOUS TIMES AFTER ARRIVAL!  This will answer a lot of questions that come up during your stay.  If there are still concerns, please email